Features to Look for in a Top Rated Pay Per Head Bookie Service


To be an independent bookie is not easy all the time. It becomes easy if you have extra staff or resources to perform your operations in the sports book. Pay Per Head bookie services comes in here. PPH bookie services differ from company to company. Their features and promised services differ from each company. A bookie has to choose the best and top rated pay per head bookie services after checking for its high features, flexibility, accountability, security and ease to use. Each PPH bookie services had its own pros and cons.

Best Features

The PPH bookie services use the DGS software. Some have limited features offered within them. There might be unnecessary features. But security cannot be compensated or adjusted in PPH bookie services. A bookie must check with a number of companies providing PPH bookie services and choose one wisely. Read their ratings and reviews. A DGS software must manage the overall betting or gambling business well. It should have its own credits to move its lines. It has to mobile, flexible and multi-platform compatible.

The players must be able to see openly visible reports each time in the DGS software. It helps to track every roll, win and have a control on the viable report sheet. As each wager comes in, the bet ticker option is essential. It helps to see the relation between each player and adjust their line of the move when needed. The entire software suite should be able to handle in mobile as well. Over phone business operation to track reports should also be available.

A DGS PPH bookie software service should provide access to both land casino and virtual casino on equal terms since both are the top trending gambling world. These ways the easy comparison is made possible and make a competition betting out of it. It should be user-friendly to all its clients. A very good customer service is really essential. They can be multi-lingual or bi-lingual. For any specific guidance, customer service or agents have to be available to the clients. Clients have access to the online website to get a 24×7 connection. Either the bookie himself can manage or can get help from the staffs to help him with management and report tracking. Phone calls can be recorded for looking back at customer complaints again. It has to maintain its transparency everywhere.

The PPH bookie services should have a various payment method. This will make the business efficient. The security and infrastructure must be robust and trustworthy. The PPH Bookie must have firewall services and attack protection. The basic package must be available in affordable rate. The free trial gives a good impact on its client before its original package purchase.

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